About Us

As one of world earliest mounting tools provider, Bdrive started NetDrive in Seoul, Korea in January 2010.

Bdrive provides industry proven performance & stability and NetDrive now is trusted by more than 2 million users worldwide.

Our customers include IBM Canada, Hitachi Solutions, CTERA, UNT System, KEPCO, Philips, HP, Qualcomm, Intel, Deutsche Telekom, Texas A&M University, Shih Hsin University, Universitat Hamburg, Cornell University and much more.

Bdrive states its key business value as the performance and stability of NetDrive which cannot be emphasized enough. The value is well-grounded first by the advanced operation and management skills and know-how accumulated for more than 10 years which is unavailable to be caught by competitors. Second is strong power of our technical team. Developing skill as well as their constant passion on IT technology enables to lead high-tech IT services. Third but not the least is their strong will on version update to maintain stable and bug free software. This value pushes ahead to keep an innovated Bdrive and move forward.

NetDrive is a mounting tool which allows to connect
to various cloud services or remote file storages as if it is a local drive.

NetDrive is the very starting point of the remote work which supports with stable connection to the desktop, superfast file transfer, file security and ease of use. Particularly Team Drive and File Lock function has immediate effect when collaborating as a team. Growing interest in NetDrive White Label and NetDrive SDK recently widened the business into the public and corporate as well.

In 2018, Bdrive successfully launched another service CloudSync. It provides stable and fast synchronization between cloud storages and it is gradually becoming popular among IT experts.

Bdrive provides online support for general/technical inquiries, and rarely but necessarily proceeds a customer remote session to solve unexpected technical issue as well.

Now facing inevitable remote work era after the Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic, we wish you may give a try with NetDrive which provides you the same working environment wherever you are either in your office, at home, on business, while travelling and more.