Migration for NetDrive 2 Users

We are providing migration options for NetDrive 2 users.

Please check the options carefully and choose the best plan for your needs. You may find the details of current NetDrive 3 Plans here before migrating to NetDrive 3 plan.

Please note we have PERSONAL plan which shares the same storage configurations among the devices under the same account. We also have TEAM plan that each team member has their own drive configurations which fits to NetDrive2 users with bulk licenses using at companies, schools and etc.

Important notes

  1. NetDrive 2 users who do not want to migrate to NetDrive3 can continue to use NetDrive 2 license. If you type in current NetDrive 2 license key at accounts.bdrive.com, you can easily find download & support link for NetDrive 2.

  2. Once you issue discount coupons with your Netdrive2 license, your NetDrive 2 order cannot be refunded even if you purchased NetDrive 2 within 30 days.

  3. Above migration plan also applies for all NetDrive2 users who purchased the licenses with special coupons if any.

  4. In NetDrive 3 we do not use license keys to activate user devices. NetDrive 3 uses online login to activate user devices.

How to start migration

  1. Please visit accounts.bdrive.com to setup NetDrive 3 accounts using your email ID.

  2. Register your NetDrive 2 license key here.

  3. After registering your NetDrive 2 license key you can find 'Start' button.