Migration for NetDrive 2 Users

We are providing migration options for NetDrive 2 users.

Please check the options carefully and choose the best plan for your needs. You may find the details of current NetDrive 3 Personal Plan here before choosing your migration plan.

Please understand this is to migrate to NetDrive 3 PERSONAL plan which shares the same storage configurations among the devices under the same account.

For NetDrive 2 users with bulk licenses (using at companies, schools, etc), we suggest you to migrate to NetDrive 3 TEAM plan when we have it ready soon. Thank you for waiting.

Important notes

  1. NetDrive 2 users who do not want to migrate to NetDrive3 can continue to use NetDrive 2 license. If you type in current NetDrive 2 license key at accounts.bdrive.com, you can easily find download & support link for NetDrive 2.

  2. When you issue discount coupons with your Netdrive 2 license, your NetDrive 2 order cannot be refunded even if you purchased NetDrive 2 within 30 days.

  3. Above migration plan is also applies for all NetDrive2 users who purchased the licenses with special coupons if any.

  4. From NetDrive 3 we do not use license keys to activate user devices. NetDrive 3 uses online login to activate user devices.

  5. NetDrive 3 for Mac will come out soon in October.

How to start migration

  1. Please visit accounts.bdrive.com to setup NetDrive 3 accounts using your email ID.

  2. Register your NetDrive 2 license key here.

  3. After registering your NetDrive 2 license key you can find 'Start' button.